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With built-in Amazon Alexa and a state-of-the-art SmartSensor to help manage hot or cold spots, it changes the way you experience comfort and puts you in control of your home.

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Heightened senses

Ordinary thermostats read the temperature in just one room—usually the front hallway. Understandably, they can struggle to deliver comfort in the rest of the home.

Pair your ecobee smart thermostat with up to 32 sensors to detect both temperature and occupancy throughout your home. Each SmartSensor you add increases your smart thermostat’s ability to deliver comfort in the rooms that matter most and better balance out hot or cold spots.

Smart Home/Away

When your smart thermostat’s built-in occupancy sensor and remote thermostat sensor(s) detect you’re home, they automatically adjust the temperature for comfort, and vice versa for energy savings when you’re away.

Follow Me mode

The occupancy sensors in your smart thermostat and SmartSensor(s) detect which rooms are in use and adjust the home temperature accordingly for comfort in those rooms. Over time, your ecobee thermostat learns your family’s occupancy habits and automatically adjusts the temperature for smarter comfort and further savings.

Smart Recovery

With the Smart Recovery feature enabled, your ecobee thermostat uses local weather information, your occupancy habits, and an ongoing analysis of your HVAC system’s heating and cooling patterns so that it’s always the right temperature at the right time.

Thermal Protect

Keep your home comfortable and prevent your HVAC system from excessive runtime with Thermal Protect. With it enabled, your ecobee thermostat will ignore a sensor when its readings diverge from those of your other sensors beyond a certain customizable limit. (This can sometimes happen when a sensor is placed in a room that tends to get hotter (e.g. attic) or cooler (e.g. the basement) than the rest of the home.)

Home IQ

Shows you how much energy you’ve conserved each month and gives you valuable insights into your heating and cooling equipment. It’s like a home energy audit at no additional cost!

Alerts & Reminders

ecobee thermostats carefully monitor your heating and cooling equipment’s performance and will let you know when your system needs servicing or maintenance.

AC Overcool to Dehumidify

If you don’t have a dehumidifier hooked up to your heating and cooling system, your smart thermostat will use your air conditioner to lower indoor humidity.

Robust staging options

ecobee thermostats are optimized for use with multistage heating and cooling equipment. They will engage the higher stage when the indoor temperature is far from the desired temperature and switch back to the lower stage as it gets closer to your desired temperature. You can also control staging using advanced setting options.

Optimal Humidity

In homes with humidifiers, your ecobee thermostat will regulate indoor humidity to prevent frost build-up on windows when it’s cold outside and indoor humidity is high.

Fan Dissipation

After a system heating or cooling cycle, your ecobee smart thermostat will run the fan to get the most heating or cooling and dehumidification out of your equipment.

Free Cooling

In homes with ventilators, when your ecobee smart thermostat recognizes the telltale temperature drop of a cool summer evening, it uses the outside air instead of your air conditioner to cool down your home.

Compatible with most HVAC systems

ecobee thermostats are compatible with most HVAC systems, including radiant heating systems, multistage, and dual-fuel heat pumps. Use the compatibility checker or reach out to our friendly support team at 1-877-932-6233 or via live chat to check compatibility with your heating and cooling system.

Not all smart thermostats are made alike…

Unlike some of the competition, ecobee thermostats are powered by a dedicated 24VAC power supply using a Common wire (or C wire) for industry-leading reliability in even the coldest weather. If your old thermostat’s wiring bundle doesn’t include a C wire, in most cases you can still install an ecobee thermostat with the included Power Extender Kit.

Standards Compliant

ecobee thermostats and SmartSensors are compatible with HRVs and ERVs, giving you ultimate control over your home’s heating and cooling.

More Information
Manufacturer Ecobee
Single Stage Heating/Cooling No
Two Stage Heating/Cooling Yes
Line Voltage Heating No
Wi-Fi Enabled Yes
Self-Learning Yes
Warranty (Years) 3
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