Efficiency Kits Buyer's Guide

Efficiency Kits Buyer's Guide

What's An Energy Efficiency Kit?

An Energy Efficiency Kit is a group of products strategically paired to help you save energy and money. We currently offer three kits, designed to conserve electricity, water, heat/hot water, or all of the above. Kits can be ordered in limited quantities with a New Jersey Natural Gas instant rebate, or in unlimited quantities with no rebate.

3 Kits Available

Total Home Energy Efficiency Kit: Designed to save electricity, this kit includes a variety of long-lasting LEDs and an advanced power strip.
Total Thermal Kit: Made to conserve heat and hot water, this kit includes simple and effective water conservation and weatherization products.
Total Mixed Kit: This kit has some of what you need for an energy-efficient home, including water, heat, and electricity-saving products.


How Do Kits Help Save?

Energy Efficiency Kits help save in three ways:

1. Kits consist of energy-efficient products to help conserve resources and lower your energy bills.

2. Each kit is 10-15% less than the total cost of each individual item.

3. Kits save even more with an instant NJNG rebate - up to an additional 50%.


Total Home Energy Efficiency Kit

The Total Home Energy Efficiency Kit makes it nearly effortless to save electricity. Simply swap out some bulbs and upgrade that power strip to a Tier I Advanced Power Strip and you'll see lower electric bills in no time.

Order Total Home Energy Efficiency Kit

Each Total Home Energy Efficiency Kit Includes:

(2) NewLeaf 9w Soft White LED Bulbs - These LEDs use up to 90% less energy than standard incandescent bulbs and last 15,000 hours so you won't have to replace them for years to come.

(1) TrickleStar Tier 1 Advanced Power Strip - This 7-outlet APS effortlessly lowers your electric bill by eliminating standby power (and it helps protect your electronics, too).

(1) BITs 0.5w Night Light - This ultra efficient LED night light has a built in photocell, allowing it to automatically turn on in the evening and off when the sun rises.


Total Thermal Kit

Looking to lower that gas bill? The Total Thermal Kit is a great place to start! It includes four simple and effective tools that will help you use less hot water and keep your hard earned heat in the house where it belongs.

Total Thermal Kit Components

Each Total Thermal Kit Includes:

(2) 1.5 GPM Aerators - Faucet aerators incorporate air into your water stream, effortlessly reducing water consumption without affecting pressure. Just screw them onto your existing faucets.

(1) 1.5 GPM Showerhead - An efficient 1.5 GPM showerhead can use up to 20% less hot water than an old, outdated showerhead (and don't worry, it's designed to maintain the water pressure you know and love).

(10) Outlet Gaskets - Outlet gaskets fit behind your light switches to prevent cold drafts from coming in.

(1) 17 Foot Roll Foam Weatherstripping - Seal up those pesky air leaks with foam weatherstripping to keep your house draft free.


Total Mixed Kit

The Total Mixed Kit combines some of the products from the Total Home Efficiency and Total Thermal Kits and has everything you need for an energy-efficient home.

Total Mixed Energy Efficiency Kit to Save water, electricity, gas

Each Total Mixed Kit Includes:

(2) NewLeaf 9w Soft White LED Bulbs - Two long-lasting, general use LEDs that use 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs

(1) BITs 0.5w Night Light - A long-lasting, low wattage LED night light that automatically turns on and off with the natural light

(2) 1.5 GPM Aerators - Two faucet aerators to reduce water consumption without affecting water pressure

(1) 1.5 GPM Showerhead - A 1.5 GPM showerhead to replace an old, outdated showerhead (and help you save thousands of gallons of hot water a year)

(10) Outlet Gaskets - Ten foam gaskets to place behind your light switches to prevent drafts from coming in

(1) 17 Foot Roll Foam Weatherstripping - Weatherstripping to seal up leaks around windows, doors, and cracks