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TrickleStar Motion Sensor PowerTap

TrickleStar Motion Sensor PowerTap

TrickleStar USB Motion Sensor

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  • Saves energy by sending a sleep command to the computer.
  • Configurable countdown timer that can be set to 10/15/20/25/30 minutes
  • Quick activation button allows user to initiate sleep mode instantaneously
  • Red/blue flashing LED notification to alert user prior to initiating sleep command
  • Requires no software installation and is compatible with PC (Windows/Linux) and Mac (macOS) operating systems
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Save money by saving energy with your home office or commercial workstation computer by using this USB Computer Energy Management Device (USB CEMD). Computers use less energy in sleep mode than they do in active mode. Studies show that computers always left on or in an active state are a significant source of wasted energy. Additionally, many computers operate without energy-saving settings enabled. Watching videos, listening to music, or using video calling systems frequently do not use the mouse or keyboard. Therefore, traditional software-based energy management systems that look for mouse movement or keyboard strokes do not save energy as they are intended. The USB CEMD uses a precise, local motion detection system to determine if you are using your computer.

No software installation is required, and it is compatible with Windows, Apple, and Linux operating systems. Simply plug the USB CEMD into an available USB port on your computer or monitor and adjust the operating system switch. Mount it to the bezel of the monitor with the provided tape or bracket, and face it towards the seating area in front of the computer. It then uses a programmable countdown timer that operates with a local motion detection system. If no motion is detected within the selected countdown timer period, a red/blue warning light flashes. If still no motion is detected, a sleep command is sent to the computer. Shaking the mouse or typing on the keyboard will wake up the computer.

  • Saves energy by sending a sleep command to the computer
  • Compatible with windows, Apple, and Linux operating systems
  • Adjustable countdown timer set to 10/15/20/25/30 minutes
  • Red/blue flashing LED alerts user prior to sending sleep command
  • Quick activation allows user to initiate sleep command instantly
  • Requires no software installation
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Manufacturer TrickleStar
Manufacturer Model TS1910
Motion Sensing Yes
Warranty (Years) 1
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