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Wallflower 3-Wire Stove Smart Plug

Wallflower 3-Wire Stove Smart Plug

Lutron Caseta Smart Dimmer Switch and Remote

Lutron Caséta Smart Dimmer Switch and Remote

Wallflower 4-Wire Stove Smart Plug

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The Wallflower Stove Smart Plug helps protect your home from the leading cause of home fires and is the only smart plug designed to work with your stove. Wallflower monitors your stove 24/7, learns your cooking behavior, and notifies you if your stove has been left on for longer than usual or if you leave home and forget to turn it off.

  • Protects your home from common cooking-related fires
  • Beeps and sends alerts to your phone if your stove is left on
  • Converts your existing stove into a smart stove in 5 minutes or less
  • 4-Wire Wallflower for use in homes built AFTER 1996
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Product Features


The Only Smart Plugs Made for Stoves

Unlike all other smart plugs that are 110 volts and can not be used with your stove, Wallflower is a 220-volt plug that can! It is also made to fit in the cavity behind most stoves and comes in a 3-wire model for homes built before 1/1/96 and a 4 wire model for those built after.

Your Stove Smarter, Your Family Safer

In the U.S. alone, there are about 5,000,000 cooking-related fires each year, and from time to time, everyone forgets to turn off the stove.

Wallflower helps you avoid cooking-related fires by alerting you when your stove is left on. When paired with the app, it also quickly and easily converts your existing stove into a smart stove.

Monitors Your Stove 24/7

Wallflower learns your cooking behavior and notifies you when the stove has been on longer than usual or you leave home and forget to turn it off.

Beeps when Your Stove is Left On

Wallflower sounds an audible alert from behind the stove when it is turned on or it has been on for longer than usual.

Each type of audible alert can be disabled independently.


Sends Alerts to Your Phone

Use the Wallflower app to receive notifications when the stove is turned on, someone forgets to turn it off, or you leave home and it's still on (using built-in geofencing).

Mobile notifications can be configured independently for each user.

Monitor Multiple Stoves

If you're a caregiver or landlord, you can use the Wallflower app to monitor multiple stoves simultaneously.

With the app, multiple people can be invited to monitor the same stove and independently choose which notifications to receive.


Stove Compatibility

Electric Stoves Only

Wallflower works with most electric stoves. At this time, Wallflower is not compatible with gas stoves.

3-Wire or 4-Wire?

  • 3-Wire: Most homes built before 1996 will use a 3-wire outlet for the stove
  • 4-Wire: Most homes built after will use a 4-wire outlet for the stove.

Wallflower Will Not Work With

  • Mounted stoves: (built into the counter). This type of stove is often hard wired into the wall and cannot be disconnected.
  • Small cavities: Most stoves are designed with a large cavity in the bottom rear. However, some stoves have an unusually small cavity, and the Wallflower Stove Monitor won’t fit.

Prior to purchase, be sure to check which type of plug you need and make sure there is enough space behind the stove before ordering your Wallflower.

Phone and Wi-Fi Compatibility

Wi-Fi is not required to receive audible alerts when the stove turns on or you have been cooking longer than usual. However, to receive notifications on your phone or to configure your Wallflower, you need a Wi-Fi router and a smartphone or tablet with the Wallflower app installed.

Smart Home Compatibility


Wallflower works with Amazon Alexa so you can use your voice to send a notification to everyone that dinner is ready, ask if the stove is on, and set a cooking timer that sounds an alarm behind the stove and sends a notification to your phone when it's done.


It's really easy to install a Wallflower. Just plug in your stove and download the app! For more information, check out the installation guide below.

Download Installation Guide

More Information

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Measure Category monitor
Limit Category monitor
Manufacturer Wallflower
Manufacturer Model WFA001
Wi-Fi Enabled Yes