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Make Your Thermostat Work Smarter with ConnectedSolutions

ConnectedSolutions Smart Thermostat Demand Response Guide


This start-to-finish guide covers all you need to know about the Sponsors of Mass Save's smart thermostat demand response program. 

        How to enroll

    • What is demand response (DR)
    • How DR helps you save
    • How ConnectedSolutions works
    • ConnectedSolutions eligibility requirements
    • Which smart thermostats work with ConnectedSolutions and where to get them


How to Enroll & Start Saving


Enrolling is simple. If you already own an eligible thermostat, you may have received a notification from your thermostat manufacturer asking you to enroll in ConnectedSolutions. You can also enroll by following these steps:

  1. Check a few boxes to confirm your eligibility
  2. Enter some information about your smart thermostat
  3. Follow the instructions to complete enrollment


What is Demand Response and How Does it Work?


Demand response programs offer customers financial incentives for conserving electricity during periods of peak demand, thus helping to stabilize the electric grid and lowering electricity prices. Much like any industry, electricity is all about supply and demand. When demand is high, power plants must work to increase the electricity supply by using costly generators, thus stressing the grid and increasing prices for consumers. If demand is reduced, there is no need to stress the grid, increase the supply, or increase prices.


How Demand Response Helps You Save



The ConnectedSolutions smart thermostat DR program helps save in many ways:


  • Supports energy reduction and grid stabilization, helping to reduce associated pollution and long-term costs
  • Helps keep electricity prices stable during peak demand

Gain access to rewards from your local energy provider for both enrollment and participation in the program 

Whether you are a homeowner or renter, earn a $50 enrollment incentive and a $20 annual incentive for every Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat enrolled.




How ConnectedSolutions Works


Connecting qualified thermostats to the ConnectedSolutions program enables your Mass Save sponsor to make small adjustments to your energy use during times of peak demand, while rewarding you for helping reduce demand on the electric grid on hot summer days when electricity use is at its highest.

The Sponsors of Mass Save have made it easy for you to conserve energy at these peak times— and earn incentives for doing your part. If you enroll your thermostat in ConnectedSolutions, your energy provider will automatically send a signal to your thermostat to precool your home before a peak demand event, and then increase your thermostat setting by no more than 4 °F during peak demand.

Participants agree to brief, limited adjustments of their thermostats during periods of peak electric demand between June 1 and September 30. You can anticipate at least one adjustment, and likely no more than 20 adjustments per summer. Peak demand periods typically occur on especially hot days.

You will maintain control of your thermostat and you can opt out of a peak event at any time by changing your thermostat setting. 


ConnectedSolutions Eligibility Requirements


ConnectedSolutions is available to residential electric customers of Eversource, National Grid, Unitil, and Cape Light Compact.

To participate in the ConnectedSolutions program, your thermostat MUST be connected to a central air conditioner, defined as:

  • An air conditioner that cools the entirety (or at least the majority) of your home (includes both ducted and ductless systems)
  • Window air conditioners are not central air conditioners
  • Heating systems that do not cool are not central air conditioners.



Which Smart Thermostats work with DR and Where to Get Them


There are many options for purchasing a smart, Wi-Fi thermostat that is supported by the DR program.

  • Through the Mass Save online marketplace 
  • Through a Mass Save energy assessment
  • At a local or online retailer


The following brands are supported: