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Advanced Power Strip Products

Advanced Power Strip Buyer's Guide

What is an Advanced Power Strip?

An Advanced Power Strip (commonly known as an “APS” or “smart power strip”) looks like any other power strip, but has features that helps you save energy and money by reducing the amount of standby power wasted by your electronics.


How Does an APS Work?

Advanced Power Strips work by automatically cutting power from selected outlets when the master outlet is not in use. An APS is available with varying numbers of outlets, but all share the following:

About the Outlets:

Master Outlet - the device plugged into this outlet must be on for the controlled outlets to be on

Controlled/Switched Outlets - outlets controlled by the master outlet

Always-On Outlets - for electronics you do not want to turn off automatically


How Does an APS Help Save?

By replacing your old power strip with an APS, you can significantly reduce standby power and lower your electric bill - but that’s not all! An APS also prolongs the life of your electronics and protects them from power surges.


Tier I and Tier II - What’s the Difference?

There are two major types of APSs on the market, Tier I and Tier II.

Tier I advanced power strip

Tier I (The Basic)

This simple APS works on a basic master/switched outlet principle using current sensing technology. When the master outlet device is on, the controlled/switched outlets are on as well.

Tier I advanced power strip

Tier II (The Upgrade)

In addition to basic master/switched functionality, Tier II advanced power strips are able to use motion and remote control sensors to control the master outlet (typically a TV). Within a set time frame, if no motion or remote control signals are sensed, the TV and subsequently the controlled outlet devices (DVD player, gaming system) are automatically powered off.