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Account Creation User Guide

1. Click “Create An Account” to create a new account

2. Fill in all required fields on the registration form and a new account will be created.

3. Once the account is created, customers are free to shop!

4. Useful tips when shopping for a Smart Thermostat:

            - It is recommended that customers check out the Smart Thermostat Buyer’s Guide before choosing a thermostat.  

            - It is also recommended that customers check out the Smart Home Buyers Guide before choosing any smart home products 

            - In addition to the buyer’s guide, we recommend customers check the compatibility of thermostats for their heating and cooling systems with the manufacturer provided compatibility checkers which can be found


5. To view all thermostat products, visit the “Smart Thermostats” dropdown menu, select a brand you are interested in or click on the smart thermostats category to view all smart thermostats.

6. To view all smart home products, visit the “Smart Home” dropdown menu.

7. When on a category page click on a product image to view more about that product or click Add to Cart from the category or product page.

8. Once on the product page, update the quantity to the desired amount and click Add to Cart.

9. This will bring customers to their cart. Once they are done shopping, they can click Checkout to complete the payment process.

9. Customers are then required to confirm shipping and billing information to complete the order. 10. An order confirmation email is sent to the email address used to create the account. 11. A shipment confirmation email will be sent when the order has shipped from the EFI warehouse.