What's a C-Wire and Do I Need One?

You asked, we answered! This post covers all you need to know about thermostat C-wires: What they are, why they are used, which thermostats require them, and what to do if you don't have one.

6 days ago

The Best Kitchen Lighting & How to Choose Yours

The first of our, You Asked, We Answered, series, this post answers the question, "what's the best lighting for the kitchen?" While there is no "right" answer, this post shares some some pro tips on how to choose the best, most energy-efficient lighting for your kitchen.

7 days ago

Simple Ways to Save Energy While Working from Home

More people are working from home than ever. While remote work offers perks, it comes with the challenges of rising energy bills. In this post, we share some tips for saving energy while working from home.

1 month ago

Simple Tools to Stop Drafts & Save Energy

Learn about three simple, affordable weatherization tools that will help reduce cold drafts and save you energy this winter.

1 month ago

5 Energy Saving Tips for Winter Weather

Ready or not, winter is just around the corner! We have 5 tried-and-true tips and tricks for staying warm while keeping energy bills low this winter.

2 months ago

Everything You Need to Know about LEDs (and How to Choose)

Upgrading old bulbs to new, energy-efficient LEDs is a simple way to save energy and lower your bills. In this post, we answer the most common LED light bulb questions and teach you how to choose the right bulbs for your space!

2 months ago

Set it & Forget it: How Smart Thermostats Work Hard While Using Less Energy

Here we will walk you through the features of a smart thermostat to help you better understand how they work to help you save energy and money in your everyday life.

2 months ago

Why Energy Star Products?

Learn about ENERGY STAR certified products and how that little blue logo simplifies energy efficiency for consumers and businesses alike.

3 months ago

Solar Energy Guide

All you need to need to know about solar energy in Massachusetts: What it is, upfront cost, reasons to install, and how much you'll save!

3 months ago