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Honeywell Filter B Household Odor & Gas Reducing Pre-Filter - HRF-B1

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Honeywell Household Odor & Gas Reducing Pre-Filters are ideal for capturing harmful gasses such as ammonia and other volatile organic compounds. Pre-Filters also perform exceptionally well in deodorizing the air and reducing odors with activated carbon and zeolite. Absorbing common household gasses and fumes, Pre-Filters will capture larger particles such as dirt, lint, fibers and pet fur. Change every three months for top performance.

  • Package includes 1 HRF-B1 replacement filter
  • Fits most Honeywell Tower air purifier models (see full combability list below)
  • Certified Honeywell replacement filter
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Filter Compatibility

Honeywell B Household Odor and Gas Reducing Pre-Filters can be used in a variety of Honeywell and Vicks Air Purifiers. Please check the air purifier model range below to see if your air purifier is listed.


  • HHT-011 (HHT011) Air Purifier
  • HHT-013 (HHT013) Air Purifier
  • HHT-55 (HHT55) Air Purifier
  • HHT-080 (HHT080) Air Purifier
  • HHT-081 (HHT081) Air Purifier
  • HHT-085 (HHT085) Air Purifier
  • HHT-090 (HHT090) Air Purifier
  • HHT-100 (HHT100) Air Purifier
  • HHT-145 (HHT145) Air Purifier
  • HHT-149 (HHT149) Air Purifier
  • HHT-155 (HHT155) Air Purifier
  • HHT-1500 (HHT1500) Air Purifier
  • HPA-050 (HPA050) Air Purifier
  • HPA-060 (HPA060) Air Purifier
  • HPA-150 (HPA150) Air Purifier
  • HPA-160 (HPA160) Air Purifier
  • HPA-245 (HPA245) Air Purifier
  • HPA-249 (HPA249) Air Purifier
  • 16200 Air Purifier


  • V9070 Air Purifier
  • V9071 Air Purifier
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Manufacturer Honeywell Home
Manufacturer Model HRF-B1
ENERGY STAR Certified Yes