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TrickleStar Energy Monitor

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This Tricklestar Plug-In Energy Monitor helps you understand how much power your appliances use so you can take steps to manage your energy consumption. Simply plug it in and track your energy usage on the display screen.

The monitor also has the added benefit of surge protection, keeping your appliances safe from voltage spikes.

  • Watch and track energy consumption
  • Monitor impacts of changes in electricity usage behavior
  • Identify power hogs and faulty appliances
  • Built-in timer to control outlet on/off times to conserve energy
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Product Features

Understand and Manage Your Energy Use

One of the first things you can do at home to save money is to understand how much energy each appliance uses. The TrickleStar Plug-In Energy Monitor tracks the cost of operation, watts, and the amount of carbon dioxide associated with the electricity consumed through the hand-held display. By understanding the cost of operation, watts, and the amount of carbon dioxide associated with the electricity consumed; you can best manage your home's energy consumption according to its unique appliances. 

See Instant and Projected Energy Use

The Energy Monitor's display can be used to show instant energy consumption as well as projected energy use by day, month, and year.

Built-in Timer

The practical timer control function allows you to set a timer to control appliances on/off at your preferred hours for energy conservation and home automation.

Added Surge Protection

TrickleStar Plug-In Energy Monitor not only helps you save energy, but also protects your appliances from surges and voltage spikes.


Setting up and using your TrickStar Energy Monitor is easy:

  • 1. Plug the Energy Monitor into a powered AC outlet.
  • 2. Plug an appliance into the Energy Monitor.

For more information on setup and use, view the TrickleStar Energy Monitor Instruction Guide:

Download Instruction Guide

More Information

Manufacturer TrickleStar
Manufacturer Model TS2003


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