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Google Nest Secure Alarm System

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The Google Nest Secure Alarm System is easy to use and easy to live with every day.

Nest Secure offers several convenient ways to arm and disarm, uses door and window sensors to monitor your entire home, and allows you to check-in from anywhere with the Nest app.

  • Easy arm/disarm with Nest tag, Nest app, Google Assistant, or passcode
  • Get reminder alerts if you forget to arm the alarm
  • Get security alerts if motion is detected
  • Built-in Google Assistant
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Product Features

Security Designed Around You

Most security systems are designed around intruders. The Google Nest Secure security system is designed around you and is easy to use and live with every day.

Simple Arm and Disarm

There are several simple ways to arm and disarm your Nest Secure system.

Nest Tag: Tap Nest Tag on Nest Guard as you come and go.

Nest App: Arm and disarm with the Nest app from anywhere.

Google Assistant: Ask your Google Assistant to arm for you.

Passcode: Enter a passcode on Nest Guard’s keypad.

No Countdowns or Rushing out the Door

Nest Secure lets you choose how much time you need to arm or disarm before the alarm goes off, up to 5 minutes. With Nest there's no loud and annoying beeps, stressful countdowns, or rushing out the door.

No need to worry - if you forget to arm your alarm, you will get a reminder so you can do it from your phone.

Nest Detect Sensors Look after Windows and Doors

On a wall, Nest Detect Sensors detect motion in a specific room. On a window or door, they sense both motion and open/close status, alerting you if something happens.

Nest Tags Keep Things Easy

Nest Tags are an easy way to arm and disarm your Nest Guard without a passcode. Hang one on your keys and give one to someone you trust, such as the babysitter.


Nest App Keeps You in the Know

With the free Nest app, you can arm or disarm your alarm and check on your home from anywhere. If something happens, you get an alert so you're always in the know.


The following is required to properly run the Google Nest Secure Alarm System.

  • Compatible phone or tablet with the free Nest app and Bluetooth 4.0
  • Nest Guard requires an indoor outlet and wi-fi connection
  • Nest Tag and Nest Detect require Nest Guard
  • Mobile notifications require working wi-fi connection

Smart Home Compatibility

Nest Secure has Google Assistant built in so you can arm and disarm your Nest Guard with your voice, get answers, and manage tasks.


To set up and install your Google Nest Secure, simply follow the instructions in the free Nest app.

What's in the Box

  • Nest Guard
  • 6 foot (2 m) USB cable
  • Power adapter
  • Power adapter securing bracket
  • Two Nest Detect sensors (required CR123 batteries included)
  • Two open/close magnets
  • Two flat mounting brackets
  • Two corner mounting brackets, adhesive strips and mounting screws
  • Two Nest Tags
  • Quick start card
  • User’s guide

Download User's Guide


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